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Marketing & Communications Director

The Change Church Marketing and Communications Director is responsible for developing and implementing strategic marketing and communication initiatives to promote the church's mission, values, and programs. This position requires strong leadership, creativity, and a deep understanding of effective marketing and communication strategies in the context of a religious organization. The Director will collaborate with various church teams to ensure consistent branding, engaging content creation, and effective outreach to both internal and external audiences. 

Competencies Required: 

● Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or a related field (relevant experience may substitute for formal education).

● Proven experience in marketing and communications, preferably within a religious or nonprofit organization.

● Strong understanding of church culture, values, and target audience.

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

● Proficient in digital marketing platforms and tools.

● Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines.

● Creative thinker with the ability to generate innovative ideas.

● Strong leadership and team management skills.

● Knowledge of design software and content management systems is a plus.

General Duties:

● Commit to pray for the first family, leadership and membership of Change Church.

● Lead in generosity to the church through consistent giving of tithe and offerings.

● Serve in excellence by being early and prepared for all scheduled meetings.

● Establish and foster an exemplary relationship with staff/non-staff workers, church membership, and the community at large.

● Champion, support, and advocate for the vision of the church.

● Demonstrate a servant’s heart by having a willingness to perform other duties as needs may arise.

● Commitment to the church's mission and values.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

● Strategic Planning:

○ Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing and communication plan aligned with the church's mission and objectives.

○ Conduct market research and analysis to identify target audiences, emerging trends, and opportunities for growth.

○ Set measurable goals and objectives for marketing and communication efforts and track their effectiveness.

● Brand Management:

○ Develop and maintain a consistent brand identity across all communication channels and materials.

○ Ensure adherence to brand guidelines and standards in all church communications. Monitor and protect the church's brand reputation.

● Content Creation and Management:

○ Create compelling and relevant content for various platforms, including website, social media, print materials, and newsletters.

○ Coordinate with ministry leaders and staff to gather information and stories for content creation.

○ Manage content calendar, ensuring timely delivery and consistent messaging.

● Digital Marketing:

○ Oversee the church's online presence, including website, social media channels, email marketing, and online advertising campaigns.

○ Implement strategies to increase online engagement, reach, and conversion rates.

○ Analyze digital marketing metrics and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance.

● Public Relations and Media Relations:

○ Serve as the primary point of contact for media inquiries and requests.

○ Develop relationships with local media outlets to enhance the church's visibility.

○ Write press releases and distribute them to relevant media contacts.

● Event Promotion:

○ Develop marketing plans and promotional materials for church events, conferences, and special programs.

○ Coordinate with event organizers and ministry leaders to ensure effective promotion and attendance.

○ Evaluate and report on event marketing results.

● Team Collaboration:

○ Work closely with ministry leaders, staff, and volunteers to gather information and coordinate marketing efforts.

○ Provide guidance and support to ministry teams in developing their communication strategies.

○ Foster a collaborative and creative environment that encourages innovation and excellence.

● Other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Social Media Manager, Marketing Administrator, Videographers, Graphic Specialist

Full Time
Purchasing Agent

The Purchasing Agent is responsible for all phases of the purchasing process from request to procurement for all of Change Church’s locations. This includes but is not limited to identifying suppliers, researching goods and services, processing purchase orders, and verifying delivered items.

Full Time
Location Administrator

The Location Administrator is responsible for assisting in the leadership of the Westampton location, ensuring all worship and special events experiences are executed with excellence, serve as administrative point of contact for volunteers, and manage the operations of Change Church. This position is responsible for the effective administration of the Westampton location, including effective utilization of all standard operating systems, policies, and processes.

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Full Time