Change Track 100

The quality of a house is dependent on the strength of the foundation. This track will provide you with the foundation you need to accelerate your spiritual growth, understand the mission of Change Church, and activate your spiritual gifts.

Change Track 200

Freedom Track is more than an opportunity for education, it’s an experience that can bring about transformation. It is a series of classes that will guide you through a process of emotional healing so you can experience personal freedom. By learning about Denise’s Bogg’s Unmet Needs and Peter Scazerro’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality you are destined to experience a freedom beyond your imagination.

Change Track 300

We’ve learned that a lot of stress comes from a lack of stewardship. In this track, you will gain a greater understanding of what it means to steward resources in Jesus’ way. You will receive a biblical blueprint to make, manage, move, and multiply your resources for your good and God’s glory.

Change Track 400

Are you ready to raise your leadership lid? The Leadership Track will introduce you to the leader in you.  Discover how to lead in your home, marketplace, and ministry.