Change Groups

Change Groups are one of the most effective avenues our Spiritual Family offers for Spiritual Formation in Christ. Here at Change, we believe that God is enough, but Sunday is not! So Change Groups are where you can get the connection, care, and coaching you need to experience an authentic Change in your life – because you can't be your best self by yourself! We just completed "SZN 1" of Change Groups for 2024 and are looking forward to the next Group cycle!

If you're interested in becoming a Change Group leader, or joining Change Group, be on the lookout for our SZN 2 Group Cycle – coming soon!


Introducing Change Her Squads: a revolutionary initiative from our Women's Ministry that's all about connection, community, and empowerment. Designed to bring women together in a meaningful way, Squads provide the perfect opportunity to join a small group based on your zip code or area of town.

With monthly online and in-person meetings, as well as special quarterly gatherings and events like Breast Cancer Walks, Squads offer a supportive space for growth and bonding. Plus, with a global reach, women from around the world can join in! Change Her Squads will be starting this May, so register today to be part of something incredible!