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April 20, 2024 5:00 PM
Gwinnett Campus
Get ready to experience a game-changer: The BOOST EXP is about to shake things up for the Youth of Change Church. The UPRADE: BOOST EXP isn't just another event; it's a groundbreaking adventure for middle and high school students that pushes the boundaries of traditional youth gatherings. It is a portal into the future YOU and a push into spiritual growth and technological innovation. Through immersive visuals, transformative experiences, and our unwavering commitment to excellence, each student will be empowered to soar to new heights, elevating themselves, AND the KINGDOM of GOD, into uncharted territory of evolution & enlightenment. Faith, Food, & Family – you don't want to miss this! In addition to this incredible event experience we have planned for our YTH, we have created a 5-week digital, interactive spiritual growth plan called "The BOOST Challenge" for our NJ, ATL & Global Middle and High School students to complete at home! This challenge leads up to the ultimate YTH gathering on April 20th at our EXP! If you're ready to begin your UPGRADE journey, register for the BOOST EXP and start the BOOST Challenge by clicking this button now!