We’ve learned that a lot of stress comes from a lack of stewardship. In this track, you will gain a greater understanding of what it means to steward resources Jesus’ way. You will receive a biblical blueprint to make, manage, move, and multiply your resources for your good and God’s glory.

Multiply Track 301

There is a connection between how we steward things economically and the impact it has on us emotionally, and since a lot of what stresses us comes from a lack of stewardship, this session will give you the biblical blueprint to manage your resources the King's way.

Multiply Track 302

How do I move resources the King's way? What is tithing, really? And why should I tithe? In this session, Pastor Dharius answers these questions by explaining how living a God-first lifestyle opens the doors of opportunity for us.

Multiply Track 303

How do I move resources the King's way? Should I tithe and give an offering? In this lesson, we will continue to explore how to move resources the King's way by exploring the concept of the offering.

Multiply Track 304

Did you know that there is a biblical blueprint for multiplication? There is! This lesson shares that blueprint in the form of the following Four Commandments:
1. Thou Shalt Use Your Gifts To Make It.
2. Thou Shalt Manage It Strategically.
3. Thou Shalt Use Debt Judiciously.
4. Thou Shalt Invest It Wisely.

Multiply Track Schedule

Online: Mondays at 7pm EST
In Person - Ewing: Tuesdays at 7pm EST
In Person: Awakening
3rd Saturday of the month in New Jersey
4th Saturday of the month in Atlanta
Online: Awakening
4th Saturday of the month
Want to complete all 4 sessions in one day? Join us for Awakening!