Are you ready to raise your leadership lid? The Leadership Track will introduce you to the leader in you.  Discover how to lead in your home, marketplace, and ministry.

Leadership Track 401

The leader may be overlooked, but the leader is there. There is a leader, a boss in you. Parenting is about leadership, mentoring is about leadership, being a husband is about leadership, being a big brother or sister is about leadership, breaking habits is about leadership, time management is about leadership, overcommitting is about leadership.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.

Leadership Track 402

Leadership is influencing individuals or organizations toward their purposes. Discover how to be a role model for your family. Discern the difference between listening and having empathy and improve communication with your family.

Leadership Track 403

What is the marketplace? You are called to be a world changer; this session will explore how your character matters in the workplace. Discover the 4 traits of a leader, a participator, a navigator, an evaluator, and protector.

Leadership Track 404

Does your audio match the video? Leadership is not a reward, it is a responsibility. Discover how to embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow; model what you want mimicked.

Leadership Track Schedule

Online: Mondays at 7pm EST
In Person: Super Saturday
3rd Saturday of the month in New Jersey
4th Saturday of the month in Atlanta
Online: Super Saturday
4th Saturday of the month
Want to complete all 4 sessions in one day? Join us for Super Saturday!